15 SMS Marketing Ideas To Increase Revenue

15 SMS Marketing Ideas To Increase Revenue

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With 91% of customers saying they would sign up to receive text messages from brands, there is no doubt that SMS marketing is a channel you need to be investing in for your business. 

Since everyone is practically glued to their smartphones in today’s world, having an effective SMS marketing strategy will make a positive impact on your marketing efforts because your audience is easy to reach. Of course, some SMS messages are more effective than others. 

To help you take out the guesswork, we’ve compiled a list of proven marketing texts that receive excellent results.

Best examples of SMS marketing messages

  1. Welcome message
  2. Seasonal offers and promotions
  3. Thank you messages
  4. SMS only offers
  5. Asking for reviews
  6. Promotions for VIP members
  7. New products
  8. Order confirmation
  9. Shipping confirmations
  10. Increase engagement with social media
  11. Flash sales
  12. Product tips
  13. Virtual or in person event signups
  14. Text to win contests
  15. Product recommendations based on previous purchases

Welcome message

Welcome messages should be short and sweet and serve as the beginning of your new communication with the consumer. Besides welcoming a customer that decided to opt-in to your SMS marketing messages, you can also send them a call-to-action which can include:

  • A discount code for being a new SMS subscriber
  • A link to your website to continue shopping on their mobile phone
  • A quick message about what kind of messages you’ll send in the future (sales alerts, new product updates etc)

Seasonal offers and promotions

SMS marketing is a great way to get out time sensitive messages in real-time, especially when it comes to holiday sales and promotions, or birthday messages that feel more personal than a birthday email.

Thank you messages

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially your customers. Sending a quick “thank you for your order” SMS message continues to nurture the buyer relationship right from their mobile devices and can be combined with a CTA such as: 

  • Order confirmation: lets the customer know the order was received and can include tracking information if available.
  • Discount code: A thank you discount code can result in another sale.
  • Survey: Get feedback about the customer experience from your recent buyers to learn more about what you’re doing well and ways you can improve.

SMS only offers

A discount code reserved for SMS subscribers will make your customers feel special and that they are getting a deal by staying subscribed to your SMS messages. Plus, a discount code always encourages more sales.

Asking for reviews

97% of customers consult product reviews before making a purchase which means getting reviews should be a top priority for your business. 

Use the power of SMS marketing to:

  • Request reviews from customers that made recent purchases
  • Notify a customer when their review is featured so they feel valued

Promotions For VIP members

Similar to SMS only offers, promoting offers for VIP members makes customers feel special and that they are getting exclusive offers just for them.

New products

Have a product launch approaching? Use text message marketing to build excitement with a product teaser, introduction and countdown to the new product arrival.

Order confirmation

Customers like to stay informed about their orders. A quick confirmation text lets them know their order was received and builds trust.

Shipping confirmations

A follow up to the order confirmation text is a shipping confirmation text that lets the customer know their order is on the way! This SMS message is another way to build trust between your brand and the customer by having clear communication.

Increase engagement with social media

The more channels you and your customers are connected through the better. Use SMS messages to encourage customer engagement with your social media accounts in ways such as: 

  • Contest announcements: Ask your subscribers to like, follow, comment, share, or post their own content with a special hashtag to enter a contest or giveaway. Not only does this increase your social media engagement, but it also increases awareness as their networks will be exposed to your brand.
  • Facebook or Instagram lives: Have a special announcement coming up? Let your SMS subscribers know that you’re going live on your social media platforms so they can tune in!
  • Collaborations with influencers: If you use influencer marketing as part of your digital strategy, share your collaborations with your SMS subscribers to give them added product inspiration. Below is an example that our client, Wild Wawa, did for a recent campaign: 
SMS marketing message for Wild Wawa

Flash sales

With 60% of SMS customers reading a message 1-5 minutes after receiving it, SMS is the best channel to use when sending time sensitive material such as flash sales. This is a limited time offer that creates a sense of urgency for your customer to act quickly so they don’t miss out!

Product tips

Have a product that can be used or worn in multiple ways? Send out product tips or links to your other content marketing that gives your customers innovative ideas on how to use products more effectively.

Virtual or in person event signups

Whether you’re hosting an event in person or virtually, it’s easy and effective to use SMS messages to get the word out and have customers sign up to attend.

Text to win contests

Everyone loves the chance to win something, especially when it doesn’t require much effort to participate.Text to win contests are an easy way to attract new subscribers while building brand awareness and customer engagement.Text to win contests have a significantly high return on investment and one of the fastest ways to grow your SMS subscriber list.

Product recommendations based on previous purchases

We’re used to seeing product recommendations based on our browsing history at the bottom of websites and now even in emails, but now you can send this information directly to someone’s phone. Cross or up sell products based on a customer’s past purchases. 

Incorporating SMS Messages Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you aren’t yet using SMS marketing, there is no better time to get started as SMS is the fastest growing digital marketing channel today. If you’re unsure how to get started using text campaigns, request a free complimentary audit with Quantum Lifecycle Marketing. We are happy to show you how SMS marketing, along with other lifecycle marketing tools such as email marketing, can successfully grow your business.



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