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Thriving in the $1.5 Trillion Wellness Industry:
Building a Brand That Ignites a Movement

Quantum Lifecycle Marketing Presents: An in-depth marketing discussion with Ingrid Milman Cordy, Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Nuun. We’ll learn how to build a brand that sparks a lifestyle movement and share tips for becoming a commerce leader. The $1.5 trillion global health & wellness industry is growing at an accelerated rate of 5-10% yearly. Join us as we talk to a leading commerce expert from Nuun, a wellness brand that continues to thrive in this competitive sector.

Ingrid Milman Cordy

Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Nuun

Ingrid Milman Cordy is the head of digital and ecommerce at Nuun and the host of the Infinite Shelf podcast, a show that explores what it takes to make brands and products that people can’t live without. With work experience with companies like Estée Lauder and LOFT, Cordy has the ability to take brands to a higher level.

Exposing the Secrets of the Food Industry:​
From a Small Kitchen to a Multi-Million Dollar Business​

Quantum Lifecycle Marketing Presents: A lively marketing discussion with Jim Simon, CEO and Founder at JiMMY!, and Kate Stoddard, Founder at Orchestra Provisions. We’ll learn from two expert entrepreneurs about the steps to take to grow your food brand into a multi-million dollar business.

By 2028, the food & beverage industry is forecasted to be worth over half a trillion US dollars. Join us as we talk to two founders who’ve managed to carve out a piece of the pie in this competitive industry. 

Jim Simon

Founder & CEO, JiMMY!

Jim Simon is a serial entrepreneur who started five companies before launching JiMMY! in 2014. Having worked in industries ranging from tech to real estate to printing before finding success in consumer packaged goods, Simon’s knowledge of bootstrapping companies, garnering product placements at big box retailers, and working towards acquisitions places him in a unique position to guide budding entrepreneurs.

Kate Stoddard

Founder, Orchestra Provisions

Kate Stoddard is a wilderness river guide whose passion for nature and nourishment led her to found Orchestra Provisions in 2018. Her goal with Orchestra Provisions isn’t to get rich, but to “incite a food systems revolution.” At the end of the day, Kate doesn’t see herself as a business person, but rather as a founder, scientist, advocator, mother, and cook.

How to Stand Out in a $511 Billion Industry:

An Expert Discussion on Beauty Industry Marketing​

Quantum Lifecycle Marketing Presents: An in-depth marketing discussion with Amy Calhoun Robb, VP of Marketing at Hero Cosmetics. We’ll learn the marketing techniques you need to know to grow your beauty business in 2022, and share priceless tips to advance your marketing career.

The $511 billion beauty industry is one of the most competitive verticals in commerce. Listen in as we talk to a leading marketing expert from Hero Cosmetics, a brand that broke through the noise and solidified its growing spot in the beauty industry.

Amy Calhoun Robb

VP of Marketing, Hero Cosmetics​

Amy is a marketing leader with over 20 years of experience across the CPG, food & beverage, fashion and education industries. From launching Tommy Hilfiger’s first website in the ‘90s to helping Hero Cosmetics grow its business online and on the shelves of Target and more, Amy is an expert in leading brands into the future

Thriving in the $1.5 Trillion
Wellness Industry:

Building a Brand That Ignites a Movement

Ingrid Milman Cordy
Head of Digital & Ecommerce at Nuun

When: Wednesday, April 27th, 2022
Time: 1pm EST / 10am PST
Location: Online via Zoom Webinar



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