5 Ecommerce Store SMS Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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If you ask us, every ecommerce store needs SMS (or at the very least, should consider SMS). The ways people shop and communicate are changing and SMS is at the forefront of those changes. Simply put, SMS is the best way to meet people where they are: on their phones!

But this blog post isn’t about why you need SMS or even how to start SMS marketing. 

This article is all about inspiration.

So without further ado, here are X ecommerce SMS examples to inspire your next campaign.

Major shout out to Fantastic Texts, which is the home of all these examples and more.

Example #1: Brooklinen

SMS is a great way to curate an exclusive vibe and that’s exactly what Brooklinen does with this text: “Get first access … before anyone else.” This messaging makes SMS subscribers feel like members of a special community.

We also like that they kind of leave the audience hanging—in order to access the special discount they need to actually click the link.

Example #2: Dr. Squatch

We say this all the time at Quantum: not every text or email message needs to be promotional. Take this message from Dr. Squatch, for example. Instead of promoting their products, they feature a story related to their brand.

Example #3: Outer Aisle

Product images should never be overlooked. In this example from Outer Aisle, they use a mouth-watering image that begs to be clicked.

Example #4: Super Coffee

Super Coffee takes an extremely conversational (and funny) approach to all of its marketing. Case in point: this message featuring the Jo and Joe Bros.

Example #5: Layered

This abandoned cart from Layered is incredible because the personalized message works to overcome any potential objections by using it’s community and social proof. They ask, “Do you have any questions?” If you do, then you can join their Facebook group or check out some video reviews.

We usually push for a single CTA, but this example from Layered proves that rule can be broken.



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