The 5 Best Review Apps For Shopify To Grow Sales

The 5 Best Review Apps For Shopify

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The growing importance of consumer opinions has proven that having reviews on your website is no longer optional. Recent research conducted by PowerReviews found that 97% of consumers consult product and customer reviews when making purchase decisions and that 70% of consumers will not buy something online without reading reviews first. 

While collecting reviews used to be a more difficult process where customers were often reluctant to participate, the process has gotten much more convenient and beneficial than ever before thanks to review apps. 

If you’re a store owner wondering “how do I add reviews on Shopify?” Keep reading as we go over the best and highest user-rated review apps for your ecommerce store.

What makes the best product review app for Shopify?

A review app can do a lot more for your ecommerce store besides just collecting reviews with automated review requests. Keep in mind that every review app is different and some are more advanced than others with unique features and subscription plans. However, you will notice recurring themes throughout the highest-rated review apps for Shopify. 

The best product review apps for Shopify have these common features:

  • Photo reviews and video reviews – Customers are visual and love to see what they are potentially ordering. Photos and videos boost social proof and lead to more conversions. Some apps offer photos and video reviews in all their plans while others only offer it in the premium plans.
  • User friendly – Store owners want an app that is easy for both them and their customers to use. The more convenient it is for the customers, the more reviews you are likely to receive.
  • Customer support – An app with a responsive support team is important, especially in the beginning as you are setting up your review widgets. Support can range from chat/email support all the way to your own designated customer success manager.
  • Customizable – Appearance is critical as it is a direct reflection of your business. Look for an app with attractive layouts that are customizable to match your store’s aesthetic.
  • Integrable with other apps – Review apps that can be used with other apps allows you to do even more including import reviews and set up workflows to make your conversion rates higher.
  • Easy to share across social media – Reviews don’t only live on your store’s page. Review apps can now show your reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Google search which increases visibility and sales.

What are the top 5 best review apps for Shopify?

  1. Yotpo
  3. Loox
  4. Ali
  5. Fera


Yotpo collects reviews, ratings, photos, and videos through SMS and email from customers. The reviews are strategically placed throughout the site including on the homepage, product pages and at checkout to decrease cart abandonment and boost sales. 

Users can also take advantage of Yotpo’s official partnerships with Google and Facebook to potentially have organic and paid traffic increased from Google search results and social media.

With over 4300 five star reviews on the Shopify app store, Yotpo is often described by current users as being user friendly and highly customizable.

Yotpo Features

  • Advanced customization
  • Collect higher-quality reviews through smart review prompts sent by SMS and email
  • Showcase product ratings in organic search results
  • Easily turn reviews into social media ads
  • Create loyalty programs and referral programs
  • Performance analytics 
  • Extensive customer support ranging from email and chat support to a dedicated account representative

Yotpo Pricing

You can try out Yotpo with their free version that has limited features or choose between their three monthly paid subscriptions currently priced at $15, $24, or $49 per month. allows customers to increase organic traffic and engagement by encouraging customers to write testimonials and give star ratings directly in email as well as add photos and videos to their reviews. You can also create customizable emails, create a review carousel, ask custom survey questions, and build a Q&A section. 

With over 8300 five star reviews on the Shopify app store, is described as being very user friendly and affordable. Features

  • Unlimited orders and request emails on all plans
  • SEO rich snippets
  • Reply to reviews
  • Create followup flows with Klayivo
  • Syncs with other apps including AliExpress Review Importer and Checkout Comments 
  • 24/7 support Pricing currently offers two plans. Their free plan offers more than the free plans on other apps including photo and video reviews. Their paid subscription option currently goes for $15 a month and includes custom forms, coupons, and removal of branding.


Loox offers effortless referrals with automatic review request emails. The app also allows you to offer discounts for customer referrals. As a Google Reviews Partner, Loox ads are shown on Google for increased visibility for your store. Reviews are also displayed in galleries, carousels, pop up widgets, and review sidebars.

Loox has over 7900 five star reviews on the Shopify app store. Customers love that it’s easy to use with their “one minute setup” and features a clean design.

Loox Features

  • 14 day free trial 
  • Loox-generated reviews shown on Google Shopping ads, rich snippets, Google Shopping product listings, and search engine results 
  • Cart page reviews
  • Offer discounts for adding a photo or video
  • Customizable widgets (depending on subscription)
  • Premium support (depending on subscription)

Loox Pricing

After their 14 day free trial, choose between three subscriptions: $9.99/mo (beginner), $34.99/mo (growth), and $299.99/mo (unlimited). 

Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews can help drive your brand growth by collecting customer reviews with email and SMS. A/B testing features allow you to see what your customers respond to best. Customizable review widgets allow you to match the look and feel of your store. Relevant reviews are shown based on past customer behavior to help increase sales.

With over 7500 five star reviews, Ali Reviews is often referred to as being easy to use and highly customizable. 

Ali Reviews Features

  • Customizable widgets
  • A/B widget testing 
  • Offer discount coupons 
  • Google Shopping integration
  • Customer success manager (with Premium only)

Ali Reviews Pricing

Ali Reviews offers a limited free version plus three monthly paid subscriptions with varying features: Starter ($9.99/mo), Essential ($19.99/mo) and Premium ($49.99/mo).


Fera is a simple review app to collect product reviews, photos and videos. Store owners can easily manage and reply to reviews while also importing reviews from other sources such as Google and Facebook. Customers can complete reviews directly on the website as well as earn cashback, loyalty points, and discounts.

Fera has over 4000 five star reviews on the Shopify app store.

Fera Features

  • 14 day free trial
  • Full customization
  • Offer discounts, loyalty points and cashback as incentives for reviews
  • Google Shopping integration
  • Group products by category when displaying reviews
  • Live customer support for paid subscriptions

Fera Pricing

After the 14 day free trial, Fera also offers a free version with limited features and three monthly paid plans: Startup ($9/mo), Small ($29/mo) and Medium ($99/mo).

Choosing The Best Shopify Product Review App For Your Shopify Store

After reviewing the features for each review app, you can see there is a wide variety of what a review app can do for your online store. While all the apps in this article are highly rated and enhance the customer experience, some may be a better fit for your ecommerce business over others depending on what they offer. 

Take your store’s goals, design, and budget into consideration when deciding on which app is right for your Shopify store.



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