10 Health And Wellness Industry SMS Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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The health and wellness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. SMS marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel.

So, what do you get when you combine health & wellness with SMS marketing?

An opportunity for explosive growth.

Let’s look at how leaders in the health & wellness industry are using SMS marketing to see what we can learn.

All examples courtesy of Fantastic Texts.

This first text message from UMZU caught our attention thanks to its colorful product image (we say this all the time at Quantum: packaging is marketing). We also like how UMZU lists the beneficial ingredients to provide a little “what’s in it for me?” or WIIFM as it’s known in the copywriting business.

We also thought the CTA placement was interesting. While most SMS marketers wait until the very end to include a link, UMZU chose to place the link near the middle of the message. This could potentially create an “above the fold” effect for the recipient (meaning they don’t have to scroll to see the CTA).

Next up, we have this message from 310 Nutrition. We love their choice of emojis as they all elicit a similar feeling: brightness, warmth, freshness, sunshine. We also like how they used an explanatory GIF, which we are big fans of. 310 nutrition also personalized the message by using the recipient’s first name. Lastly, they added the promotion “ENDS TODAY!” to get people to act now.

We picked this message from Hydrant because it shows that SMS marketing isn’t all about sales and new releases. Hydrant uses the channel to share educational content, which is something all content marketers can get behind. Why? Because educational content can help build trust, which nurtures potential customers.

ACTA shows another use of SMS marketing: to connect with your brand ambassadors or affiliates. Engaging with ambassadors is something a lot of companies struggle with, but text is a great marketing channel because so many ambassadors are constantly on their phones for their jobs. It’s a commonly used adage in marketing: meet your customers where they are.

FBBC does a lot in this short message: they showcase two recipes, offer a discount code AND invite people to submit recipes for user-generated content (UGC). Some people will say you should only have one goal for each message, but this example is an exception to that “rule.” Well done!

Health and New Year’s resolutions often go hand in hand. Pipcorn takes advantage of that connection by encouraging customers to buy its product to support their resolutions. Every health & wellness company should consider a similar campaign this holiday season.

Talk about tight copywriting! In this message, Obvi nails the WIIFM with this feature-packed list of benefits. We love how the use of emojis to create the list makes it really stand out.

Running out of campaign ideas? Why not celebrate your brand’s birthday with not just a single deal, but an entire week’s worth of savings?! That’s exactly what HydroJug chose to do for their birthday celebration.

SweetDreams creates a sense of scarcity and urgency with this well-crafted MMS message. By using phrases like “very limited” and “be quick,” they encourage customers to act fast or be left in the dust.

We often espouse the virtues of post-purchase marketing messages. Alpha Lion must be listening because they used a post-purchase SMS message to cross-sell related products. They even added a 20-minute for additional urgency.



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