101 Christmas Email Subject Lines to Spread Holiday Cheer

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We don’t need to tell you that the holiday season is BIG for ecommerce stores. If your holiday email marketing strategy isn’t on point, you’re going to miss out on thousands of dollars.

So if you’re still making last-minute changes to your campaigns, here are 101 Christmas email subject lines to boost your opens and conversion rates.

But first, some quick tips for your email marketing campaigns:

Test Out Emojis

As you’ll notice, we love emojis in our holiday email subject lines because they add some color to an otherwise black and white inbox, which can improve open rates and promote more sales. 

Here are the best emojis to use for Christmas: 🎄🎅🤶🎁❄️❅🦌🔔❣️☃️❆⛄️✨

Use Automation As Much As Possible

Email and SMS automations are the key to a stress-free (or at least less stressful) holiday campaign. If everything goes to plan, you’ll be too busy packing boxes and sending out orders to be scheduling new messages.

Now that BFCM is behind us start building your Christmas campaigns NOW.

Create Urgency

Let’s face it, people procrastinate. Help light a fire under them by creating a sense of urgency. You can do this by adding a countdown timer to your email or telling people when they have to place their orders to get them in time for Christmas.

Elicit Emotion

Nothing promotes action like emotion. Try to elicit emotion in your holiday email campaigns. You can do this by referencing classic Christmas movies, mentioning loved ones, or positioning your customers as the hero of the holidays.

101 Christmas Email Subject Lines

101 Christmas Email Subject Lines
  1. Find the perfect stocking stuffer 🎁
  2. Are you on the naughty or nice list? 📝
  3. VIP Christmas sale starts now! ❄️
  4. The perfect Christmas gifts for the whole family 🎁
  5. 29 Gift Ideas That Are On Sale 🎁
  6. Happy Holidays Here’s 20% Off
  7. Merry Christmas, Check Out Our Gift Guide 🎁
  8. Last-Minute Gift Ideas! 🎁
  9. Find the Perfect Gift ❄️
  10. Xmas Cheer (and Sales!)
  11. Christmas Deals Start NOW
  12. Finish Your Christmas Shopping Early 🎅
  13. Countdown to Christmas 🎅
  14. Order Now for Christmas Delivery
  15. One Stop for Holiday Shopping
  16. It’s That Time of Year…
  17. Put This Under The Christmas Tree 🎄
  18. Christmas Wishes From Us to You
  19. Spread Holiday Cheer With These Specials
  20. Our 12 Days of Christmas Sale Starts Now
  21. Time to Fill Santa’s Sleigh 🎅
  22. Rudolph Ain’t Got Nothing On These Deals
  23. Season’s Greetings from [BRAND NAME]
  24. The Greatest Time of the Year! ❄️
  25. Jingle Jangle, It’s Shopping Season! ❄️
  26. Holiday Sale Ends Tonight
  27. Find the Perfect Holiday Gift 🎁
  28. Christmas Season is Here! 🎅
  29. Sitewide Sales for a Happy New Year! ❄️
  30. Make This the Best Christmas Ever 🎅
  31. Last Chance to Shop Before Christmas
  32. 🎶 But the deals are so delightful 🎶
  33. All She Wants For Christmas…
  34. Sitewide Savings for the Holidays
  35. Gifts from Santa’s Helpers
  36. Let the festivities begin!
  37. 24 Hour Flash Sale Ends at Midnight 🕰
  38. Don’t wait until the last minute…
  39. Your family will thank you!
  40. Be the hero on Christmas morning
  41. Place these presents under your tree
  42. Make this Christmas the best ever
  43. Start shopping and get rid of that Resting Grinch Face
  44. Give a gift they’ll love 🎁
  45. Even Santa shops these Savings 🎅🏻
  46. Yule be sorry if you miss this deal! 
  47. 🐶 Feliz Navi-dog! 🎄
  48. 🔔 All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies 🔔 
  49. Sale ends tonight! ⏰ Sleigh, what? 
  50. Eat, drink and be meowy 😻
  51. Start shopping…ready, set, glow! ✨ 
  52. ☃ You snow the drill ☃
  53. 24 Hour Flash Sale… this is SN❆W laughing matter! 💸
  54. Let’s take an elfie 📸 🎄
  55. Is that chemistree between us? 🎄❤️
  56. Drop it like its HOT chocolate 🍫
  57. Happy Howlidays! 🐶 🎄
  58. O Christmas treat, O Christmas treat 🍬🎄🍬
  59. Meowy 😻 Christmas to all ❣️
  60. Don’t forget to treat your elf 🧝🏻‍♀️🎁
  61. Coal for Christmas? Sn❆w thanks! 
  62. Are you a gangsta wrapper? 🎁
  63. The tree isn’t the only thing getting lit! ✨
  64. Don’t forget your Santa-tizer this season 🎅🏻🧼
  65. Deer 🦌 to dream 💭
  66. Christmas already? What the elf?! 🎅🏻🎁🤶🏻
  67. It’s beginning to co💲t a lot like Christmas
  68. You don’t want to put these deals on sleigh-away
  69. Conquer Christmas with these SUPER sleigh-vings 💰
  70. What is on your Christmas list? 💌
  71. Secret Santas are the best shoppers 🎅🏻
  72. Have a tree-mendous holiday! 
  73. Order now to get before Christmas 🎁
  74. Countdown to Christmas [25 Days of Deals] 
  75. Santa’s Helpers get 20% off 
  76. It’s time to get gifty 🎁
  77. Merry Kissmass 💋🎄
  78. Don’t panic! Get gifts delivered before Christmas 
  79. Holiday steals to keep you off the naughty list 📝
  80. Unwrap your gift — Sale ends tonight! 
  81. A Sale Yule be Sure to L💚VE 
  82. We ho-ho-hope you celebrate with us 🥂
  83. Add some sparkle to Christmas this year ✨
  84. A Very Merry Sale, Just for YOU! 
  85. It’s a Christmas Miracle — FREE shipping 
  86. Looking for an early Christmas gift? 🎁
  87. Special Savings for Pre-Christmas Shoppers 
  88. Perfect Gifts for Everyone on your List 
  89. Jingle All the Way with 20% Off 
  90. Keep Calm — Christmas Express Shipping Exists 
  91. Gifts Perfect for Santa’s Helpers 🎅🏻
  92. Truth or deer? 🦌
  93. Deck the Halls with these Great Gifts 🎄🎁🎄
  94. Takes One to Sn❅w One 
  95. Don’t kringle that paper with these Christmas gifts 🎁
  96. Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Wrap 🔔
  97. Shopping with me, my elf and I 💵
  98. 20 % Off, Claus I love you
  99. Don’t Let Your Inner Grinch Show
  100. Find the PURR-FECT present today! 
  101. Are you ready to holidazzle? ✨🎄✨



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