10 Beauty Industry Email and SMS Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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The beauty industry reached $511 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $716 billion by 2025. Thousands of brands are competing for a piece of the pie, and many will fail.

The key to success in the highly competitive beauty industry is brand loyalty and customer retention.

If your business solely relies on new customers and ignores past customers, you’re wasting precious resources. Instead, you should be splitting your efforts between new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Email and SMS are a marketer’s best tools when it comes to retention. That’s why we’re sharing 10 great email and SMS examples from beauty industry leaders to inspire your next campaign.

5 Beauty Industry Email Examples

This email from Bite has a lot of good things going for it.

First off, it pushes their subscription model—which is one of the easiest and best ways to increase customer lifetime value. The pitch is simple: if you subscribe to Bite, you’ll save 38%. 

Next up, it helps the customer envision what it is like to be a Bite subscriber. Explaining how a product, service, or subscription works is a powerful messaging tactic because it makes potential customers imagine they are already customers!

Finally, this email appeals to subscribers’ morals by highlighting that the product is green and compostable. What’s not to love?

Hims has excellent packaging. That’s why we love this minimal email that showcases their beautiful product. We also like the quick bullet points that explain why they should purchase the product.

It’s simple and on-brand.

Building a loyal customer base is a critical component of lifecycle marketing. One of the best ways to increase retention and customer loyalty is by post-purchase follow-up emails. This example from Blume is excellent because it invites customers to interact with the brand while waiting for their order to arrive.

Aside from inviting customers to follow the brand on Instagram, they also include related products to encourage additional purchases.

The beauty industry isn’t just for the ladies. We love this email from Harry’s for a few reasons.

First, we love that it is educational—not every email needs to be a sales pitch. Harry’s decided to explain some of the best uses for their precision razor product. This is a great idea if your product takes some practice to use correctly.

Secondly, we love how it is clearly seasonal. Who doesn’t like a good Halloween-themed email!

5 Beauty Industry SMS Examples

This email from Goby is an example of powerful copywriting. In just a few sentences, they introduce a new product and mention a discount. We also love how the font color works perfectly with the product image.

Sharing memes and GIFs among friends is commonplace. So treat the members of your community like friends and share some GIFs that make you smile, just like Aisling Organics did in this excellent text.

We love a good list, but they can get boring. Spice up your SMS lists by using a fun emoji. Kopari chose the coconut to match their tropical brand.

We love this idea from Blume. They chose to pay it forward and treat their VIP customers to a special treat. While this doesn’t directly drive sales for the brand, we’re willing to bet it helped spurn customer loyalty and even has the potential to go viral.

SMS messages are opened faster (and more often) than emails. This makes SMS marketing the perfect channel for limited-time offers. That’s exactly what Oars + Alps did for this 2-hour Happy Hour sale.

Not sure what to send? Why not try a photo of an adorable baby pig eating a head of lettuce? That’s exactly what Three Ships did for this fun campaign.




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