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Quantum helps send individualized email and SMS communications that turn your store visitors into buyers and your buyers into repeat customers.

Put your customers first with individualized messaging that nurtures them into loyal customers.
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Quantum Lifecycle Marketing

Grow your relationships and grow your revenue. Quantum Lifecycle Marketing scales 1:1 relationships through data-driven email and SMS messages that target customers at key points of your buyer’s journey.

Case Studies

5x your customer lifetime value

How? We help Shopify stores attract new customers, engage with current customers, and create loyal brand ambassadors by sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

Your customers are humans, it’s time to treat them like it.


Attracting new shoppers to sign up for messages is the first stage of the engagement lifecycle. We can help optimize your store’s landing pages to get more  email and SMS subscribers.


Next, we help nurture window shoppers to establish trust and develop excitement.


Once we’ve established a connection, it’s time to get them to actually purchase something!


Most marketers stop after conversion, but not us. Quantum Lifecycle Marketing embodies a holistic approach that keeps your customers around to maximize their lifetime value.


Sometimes customers stray away. Your email and SMS campaigns should act as a shepherd to guide lost sheep back to your store.



41 to 1 ROI


Create dialogue, not drip campaigns


Data-driven messages to optimize ROI


Create emails that convert


Use the right tool for the job


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