Thank you for joining us at Digital Summit Philadelphia!

Missed Quantum’s presentation? Download the slides here from Josh Aberant’s session on Lifecycle Marketing Techniques.

As a bonus, download Quantum’s Lifecycle Marketing Checklist for online stores:

Check out Digital Summit Philadelphia recap video where we ask attendees:

What do you like most about digital marketing?

Congratulation to our Apple Watch winner!

While at the conference, make sure to check out Quantum’s informative workshop full of tactical, practical and strategic ideas to drive the growth of your online store using digital marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • How to engage existing and past customers to buy more
  • How to get an ROI on your acquisition spend by increasing the lifetime value of every customer that comes through your store
  • How to build a loyal brand following
  • Essential retention campaigns every business should implement
  • How to get buy-in on your lifecycle marketing plans and align your store’s team on them