Skyrocket your customer lifetime value

Quantum Lifecycle Marketing is engineered to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers through strategic, data-driven campaigns that send personalized messages to your past, present and future customers.

Here's how it works.


Attracting new shoppers to sign up for messages is the first stage of the engagement lifecycle. We can help optimize your store’s landing pages to get more  email and SMS subscribers.


Next, we help nurture window shoppers to establish trust and develop excitement.


Once we’ve established a connection, it’s time to get them to actually purchase something!


Most marketers stop after conversion, but not us. Quantum Lifecycle Marketing embodies a holistic approach that keeps your customers around to maximize their lifetime value.


Sometimes customers stray away. Your email and SMS campaigns should act as a shepherd to guide lost sheep back to your store.



< 3 months

initial time value

2,200 hours

saved with automated campaigns

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Case Study

Learn how Saalt achieved 270% lift in automated email revenue by partnering with Quantum.